Mon 23 Aug 2021 11:26


Members of Oxford Harlequins Rugby Union Football Club (“Oxford Quins”) enjoy the opportunities and rewards of a community-based sports club combined with affiliation to county and national rugby union associations.  It is subsequently expected that members will uphold the ethos and values of the Club in all social media interactions.  

Members will act in such a way that promotes the image of Oxford Harlequins RFC, the wider game and rugby community.


Social media is a prominent method of communication at Oxford Quins, where we can express opinions, and engage with members along with the wider community.

This policy demonstrates how we ensure that we are represented in a suitable way, support members and the wider community to communicate and can take action should the need arise.  

Through this policy we are able to remind our members of the importance of ensuring that all our social networking streams should be used thoughtfully and responsibly.

Defining Social Media

We have a number of social media sources which we take advantage of. The following are examples of what we currently use but does not constitute an exhaustive list:

  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook pages
  • Spond
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp groups (different sections or teams in the Club)

There are many others which are not named here, but these should be considered to be electronic communication where individuals can interact online, be it within applications or on web pages, where the banner includes the Club’s name or branding, in part or in full.

Please refer to the full policy document here:    Download